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December 13, 2011 admin Review

swebapps reviewsThere is no doubt that the information age is moving to a mobile platform. Thousands of people every day are activating new mobile devices. They want to be able to access information anytime and anywhere, and it is all done through different apps. You would think that there would be an app for everything, but that is not the case. If you have an idea for an app that fills a need. provides a service, or is a source of entertainment, you can build it without knowing how to write one line of computer code. You can create just about any kind of app that you can think of with Swebapps.

What is Swebapps?
Swebapps is a simple, easy to use, web based mobile app creation tool. If you can use a computer, and if you have access to the internet, then you can create your very own app. All you need is the idea.

What devices does Swebapps support?
The Swebapps service currently supports the two most popular mobile platforms on the planet. You can design your app for the iPhone, an Android powered device, or both. Each platform offers a very powerful set of features that can make your app even better.

What can you do with Swebapps?
The real question is, What can’t you do with Swebapps? The only real limitation is your imagination. Here is a list of what you can do with, or add to your app.

•    Powerful audio features allow you to add sounds, songs and stream music.
•    Add a built-in calculator for tips, payments, mortgages, or anything that is math related.
•    Use powerful contact features that will give users the ability to find your services by just about any way imaginable.
•    You can publish events that will display titles, dates, information, and prices. Users can even make purchases directly from your app.
•    Use forms to collect information about your users. It could be a feedback form or a poll.
•    Tap in to Google maps and give users the ability to find single or multiple locations. Driving directions are built-in, and users can share locations via email, and popular social networks.
•    You can even publish news directly to your app. Users can them comment and share.
•    Use impressive photo galleries of products, events, people, or anything that you like. Users can then comment within the app, and they will also be able to comment and share the photos across many popular social networks.
•    Add powerful shopping abilities that allow users to shop for your items right from their phone. Users can share their reactions to the products and make purchases through Paypal.
•    Add videos that bring your app to life.

How much does Swebapps cost?
Swebbapps has two different pricing models. Choose from Basic or Pro, and choose whether or not you want to publish your app to iPhones, Android powered devices or both.

If you choose to publish your app to one platform the basic rate has a one time development fee of $399.00 and a recurring monthly fee for hosting the app. The monthly fee is $29.00.

The Pro package has a one time development fee of $1799 and it offers more control over your app. It also has a reoccurring monthly fee of $29.00.

If you want to publish your app on both the iPhone and Android powered devices the Basic plan has a one time development fee of $499.00 and a $39.00 monthly fee. The Pro plan consists of a one time development fee of $2399.00 and a monthly fee of $39.00.

There are a few other options that can be added to your app that will have additional charges. Detailed stats will cost you $10.00 per month and if you want a custom loading page, it will cost $100.00.

Swebapps is a great way to get your app idea up and running. If you are a business, you will have the ability to put your products or services right in the palm of your customer’s hands. That is a very powerful tool that no business should pass up.

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