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April 27, 2012 admin Review reviewsSencha is an organization dedicated to providing the best web development tools to online companies. They offer products based on web-standards which are designed to support every stage of app development. Sencha mainly deals with HTML5-based web application frameworks for desktops and mobiles, design tools and cloud services for mobile app developers. To date, Sencha have 300,000 registered members as part of their community and approximately 1.6 million developers who use their services. The company seems to be on solid ground with investors such as Sequoia Capital, Radar Partners and JAFCO Ventures all putting their faith in Sencha’s future.

List Of Services & Pricing

  • Sencha Touch 1& 2 – This is a unique mobile web app developer insofar as all content is built using JavaScript only. All coding must be performed using JavaScript. This may seem convenient but it is actually very slow to use on old Smartphones as they take time to process all the script. The video tutorials available on the site are a little outdated and not at all consistent. Professional web developers will probably find this incredibly frustrating because lots of time is needed to master the steep learning curve. Sencha Touch 2 was recently released and is an upgrade on the original.
  • Sencha Touch Training – The company is not so generous when it comes to training. You can avail of their fast track to Sencha Touch 2 for $2,800. This is a four day training seminar which is designed to get you up to speed. The seminars will be conducted by an instructor who is Sencha-certified.
  • Sencha Architect 2 – This is another upgrade on an original and is a visual app building tool. It is remarkably well structured and enables you to work with relatively low overheads and immediate visual feedback. Sencha guarantee that all code will work immediately ‘out of the box’ so you are unable to mess things up so badly that you will ruin the conventions of the framework. They have added additional features to improve your enjoyment when it comes to creating apps. For example, Sencha have upgraded their Project Inspector which now shows you controllers, stores and models in the same place. You can view all components at once and quickly analyze them whenever necessary. A single copy of Sencha Architect 2 will set you back $399 though there are discounts when you buy a 5-pack or a 20-pack. Customers who have purchased Ext Designer 1.0 after 1 January 2012 get Architect 2 for free. If you bought Ext Designer 1.0 before that date, Architect 2 will cost $279.
  • Sencha Complete – This is their ultimate developers package and includes a Sencha Touch License, Architect 2, an Ext JavaScript License and Support. This costs $995 per pack. 5-packs cost $4,395 while 20-packs can be yours for $16,695.

Sencha seems determined to corner the web development market. They have a huge range of products such as Sencha Animator ($199), Sencha Touch Charts ($99) and Ext GWT ($329) to choose from. They may be too expensive for some but serious developers should take a close look at Sencha and see if they can provide the necessary web development solutions for their individual need.

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