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April 27, 2012 admin Review

rhomobile.com reviewsRhomobile is yet another organization that allows you to quickly build mobile apps for Smartphones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile. They are responsible for creating the free mobile app framework which is called Rhodes. This has been available for two years and there has been more than 50,000 open source downloads since then. The addition of the RhoConnect mobile app integration ensures that it is easy to connect Smartphone apps to backend applications. Rhomobile has also created RhoHub, the first Development as a Service for a mobile in the world. Developers can use RhoHub to build and develop Smartphone apps online from their special RhoHub website which is currently being used by approximately 20,000 developers.

Rhomobile manages to be completely different to other products currently on the market because of its interesting and innovative array of features. Unlike the majority of frameworks available in the market which are based on JavaScript and HTML, Rhomobile’s Rhodes framework is Ruby based. As a result, its structure closely resembles Rails (another well-known framework) and also supports Model View Controller. Therefore, code you write using Rhodes will be easier to understand and have a far better structure than code written using HTML or JavaScript.

Although most frameworks offer several choices, Rhomobile probably supports more operating systems than any of its rivals. As well as supporting the four systems above, Rhomobile also supports Windows Phone 7 and Symbian. On previous mobile app creation sites, it was necessary to write separate code for different phone types. With Rhomobile, you are provided with one single code base which enables you to create different apps for various Smartphones.

Rhomobile is also capable of supporting local synchronization of data. Modern Smartphones such as Android and iPhone are not supported by old sync servers. Because of this, those who develop apps using an iPhone are forced to write their own code. Thanks to RhoSync, this is no longer the case and the data can even be accessed when you are offline.

Web developers find that Rhodes’ ease of use allows them to be far more productive than on other frameworks. Every product you will find on Rhomobile is incredibly well structured. There are actually major constraints when it comes to structuring apps but this only serves to speed up the process of development.

If you use either RhoSync or Rhodes, you will find that the majority of the code has already been written. There is also the option of using an app generator which will create an initial application based on your models’ structure. Very few frameworks offer any form of app generator. In effect, Rhomobile does most of the work for you.

There are few mobile app sites that can match Rhomobile for the high quality of its products. With an array of time-saving measures, app developers will almost feel as if Rhomobile is helping them cheat such is the scant amount of actual work they will have to do. If you need to develop an app in a hurry, Rhomobile is a site that you simply must check out.

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