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April 17, 2012 admin Review

ibuildapp.com reviewsiBuildApp is an online service that can help you create a web app. It also promises to aid you in your testing and tracking efforts. It operates with iPhone and Android apps and supports RSS feeds, audio and video, images, text and much more. It is possible to dream up and create a simple new app in a matter of minutes before trying it out with friends. iBuildApp claim to offer simple to understand tools to make the creation of an app a stress-free process. All apps made with iBuildApp should have a rapid load time.

It has to be said, iBuildApp do fulfill most of their promises. Their mobile app building solution really is for everyone and can be used by bloggers, musicians, website owners and just about anyone else with a desire to create an app and the time to complete their task. It already appears as if the best apps made using iBuildApp have been created by individuals with a basic understanding of the internet and modern technology. You don’t need to be a programmer or a developer to create the best apps. Your app can be visually designed with blocks used to create the behavior and content of the app.

You can build as many apps as you want and it won’t cost you a cent. However, submitting the app to the iPhone store will set you back $299. For this price, iBuildApp will help you create an Apple Developer Account as well as taking care of issues such as receiving the Distribution Certificate. If you don’t have a Mac computer and are unable to use App Loader, you will also have to pay $50 to the company for binary uploading. You can also add extra features to the app at a price to be discussed with iBuildApp.

There is no shortage of features when it comes to using iBuildApp. For example, you can add a HTML page which will make your app unforgettable. You can also add a web page with the URL displayed inside of a web browser that is embedded. The video list feature enables you to display videos which are seen in list form by viewers with titles and text descriptions also added. You can even advertise your company by publishing a list of events with details such as the date and description added.

Thanks to the Google Maps feature in iBuildApps, your local customers can easily find you with a detailed map of your location proudly displayed. It is also possible to integrate social media such as Twitter and Facebook. With your Twitter account, you can bring conversations into the app to ensure the discussion continues. With the eCommerce feature, you will be able to add payment methods such as PayPal and accept credit cards, essential additions for any online business.

Overall iBuildApp Review
On the surface, iBuildApp seems to tick all the right boxes. However, it isn’t very sophisticated and only offers a handful of templates initially. Some users also claimed that they couldn’t create Android apps. Nonetheless, it does keep its promise to make app creation simple and the $299 to submit the app to the app store is not too steep, especially when you consider the money that can be earned. iBuildApp is not perfect but it has plenty of plus points.

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