How to Make a Mobile Phone App

January 5, 2012 admin Article

As the mobile device industry constantly grows, the number of apps available to download also have multiplied in the past few years. Since the introduction of smartphones and tablets, the demand for applications has been skyrocketed.

An app is a software designed for a mobile device, it’s function can move on a wide range, there are ones for games, watching television, GPS, news and so on. Due to the popularity many companies invest in creating their own apps, this way they don’t only have a website, which can be accessed, but they can become a part of the consumers every day life.

The creation of an app can vary, depending on the complexity of it, the most elaborate ones can take months to create, with the coordinated work of designers and engineers.

Creating an App

The process of making an app can be summed up in 10 steps:
– Come up with an idea; specify the details.
– Check is the correct tools are available, for example, if designing an app for an iPad, it’s a good idea to have and use one.
– Market research, this means simply looking at what apps are available and what made them successful.
– Get to know the parameters and the performance of the mobile device the app is being made for.
– Determine the target audience.
– Using sketches and notes, describe the idea and briefly come up with the design.
– Design the application, this can either be done by whoever came up with the idea, but if he or she doesn’t feel confident enough it’s a good idea to hire a graphic or a media designer.
– Programming, this is a tricky part of the process, if one isn’t familiar with developing the best choice is to hire a professional.
– Publish the application, this is the step when it is submitted to an app store, therefore will be available to the public.
– Promote the app and pay attention to feedback received from users.

The most simple way to make an app

1. Find a website that specializes in building apps (e.g. appmakr or appsbar). Here one has to create an account, this usually doesn’t involve a fee, however it can vary depending on the website.
2. Design the app on the website. There are many tools available that help with the design process, along with opportunity to customize and build in app-gadgets.
3. The third step is to publish it, after this step it will be available for download at the app store. The upkeep of an app is minimal, someone who designed and published one has to pay a monthly fee for the hosting, this can range from $10-$100.

Innovative apps have lead to many success stories, they can also be a very good form of advertisement to promote business’. Due to the fact that they’re new inventions it’s a good idea to make the most of them with a head start.

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