How to Develop a Good Idea for an App

April 6, 2012 admin Article

With the prevalence of smart phones today, it seems that almost everyone has an idea for the next great app. If you’d like to join the world of successful app developers, you’ll need to start with a solid foundation, a great idea, and plenty of content to back it up.

Potential App Topics
The first step in brainstorming ideas for a great app is to focus on the subject matter you’ll cover. Choose something you’re familiar with. If you know nothing about cars, don’t try to design a diagnostic app that tells you what’s wrong with one. When you work with a topic that you’re intimately familiar with, you’ll have the tools and insight you need to make an app really successful. It’s that insider knowledge that will get you ahead.

The topic that your app focuses on can begin broad, but must eventually narrow down to target a specific niche. As you explore the possible applications in your subject area, one of the most important elements is uniqueness. Spend plenty of time searching existing apps to make sure you’re not creating something that already exists on the market. Developing a flashlight app is pointless because there are already dozens out there, and most of them are free. Look for something that hasn’t been done yet.

App Content
Coming up with a great idea is only half the battle. Once you’ve got your winning app idea, it’s time to gather the information you need to actually make it work. If you already own content of some kind, one of the best ways you can develop a unique app is by turning your content into an application. If you run a website with interactive maps of local bike trails, it’s easy to simply turn the site into an app so users can find and follow along with the trails on their phone. If your idea is to create an app that offers unlimited knowledge on these trails, but you don’t actually have that knowledge yourself, you’re going to be in a much trickier situation.

If you don’t have the content or information bank you need to supply your app with every last detail, you should either go get it or come up with a new idea. Don’t dive into the intricacies of app development without content. Development may seem like the fun part, but thinking that you can build the shell of the app and plug info in later is a fine recipe for wasted time. Get your content first to make sure you can legally access and use it to begin with.

App Development
The very last step in building your app is putting all the pieces together. This is where you hire a developer or find a site that will guide you through the process of developing your app. Armed with a great idea and plenty of content, you should be ready to go. Map out a clear idea of how you want your app to work before you begin. Consider what every tap of the finger will do, and how the content will be organized. If you have a solid idea of how to build the app and a unique concept that no one has come up with before, you could be on the road to major success as an app developer.

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