Five Keys for Building a Successful App

April 6, 2012 admin Article

With app maker technology that allows anyone to turn their app ideas into a reality, it’s a vast market out there. Even the most original ideas can quickly spawn plenty of competition. To make your app as successful as possible, build with the following keys for success in mind.

Each person’s smart phone is an individualized tool that he uses to optimize daily activities. The more personalization your app allows for, the more your user is going to identify with it as being his own. Personalization is the key that differentiates between an app that gives you standard information you could find anywhere, and one that offers unique tools that work just for you. Consider the difference between using an app where you can search for recipes yourself, and an app that tracks the recipes you like and makes personalized suggestions for you.

Clean Design
While your app should offer plenty of features, the design still needs to be clean and intuitive. If your user has to tap around and waste a lot of time learning how to use the application, there’s a good chance she’ll give up before she has a chance to even realize how useful the app could be. Customers today want instant gratification. Viewers will click away from a web page in seconds if it doesn’t meet their expectations. Create an app that’s easy for even a beginning smart phone user to figure out and you’ll have a winning design.

Fast Setup and Use
Smart phone users want apps that provide utility on the go. If it takes a long time to load, they’ll close the app and start doing something else. As you’re developing your app, speed should be a major concern. Not only does the app need to work quickly, it also needs to be fast and easy to set up. This requires a bit of a balancing act. You need to gather information about the user to provide personalization. However, taking 15 minutes to do this is excessive and most users won’t keep answering questions for that long. Design an app that gathers information about the customer as he is actually using it, so that getting started takes just a few taps.

Interesting Features
Keep your application fun and interesting. Don’t be afraid to throw in jokes or whimsical extras. You don’t need to be all business all the time. People turn to their phones for entertainment, even when it’s providing a useful bit of information. Entertaining features, even in an app focused on a dry topic like financial stability, will create something your customers look forward to going back to.

Future-Oriented Planning
As you’re developing your app, plan for it to be a success. If you build a game that has only a few levels, enthusiasm for it will quickly die out no matter how much fun it is. Go big and build an app that will provide endless uses for millions of users. You should also plan to promote your app. Share it on as many social media outlets as you can. Brainstorm how you’ll promote the app early on and think of a tag line, description, and name that are catchy, easy to the understand and to the point. The best apps can be described in a single sentence.

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