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December 13, 2011 admin Review

appsbar reviewsWebsites have changed the world, and now there is another technology that is quickly becoming just as popular. Mobile devices are growing at a steady rate. Every single day thousands of people turn on their mobile devices for the very first time. It could be an iPad, an Android powered tablet, an iPhone or an Android powered smart phone. All of these first time users quickly discover the powerful world of apps, and once they start downloading them, they start looking for more apps that will entertain them, or even make their lives easier.

If you have a business, and you don’t currently have an app, you are missing out on all of these possible leads. You don’t need a business to be able to create an app either. All you need is the idea, but there is one very common question when it comes to app development. How do I make my own app? That is where appsbar comes in.

What is appsbar?
Appsbar is the easiest way to create your very own app today. You don’t need any programing skills, you don’t need to know any complicated computer languages, and you don’t have to know anything about complicated layouts or confusing color schemes. All you need is the app idea, a computer with internet access, and appsbar.

Appsbar works in three simple steps.

Step 1.
In step one you make the crucial decision of what type of app you will be creating. You are presented with a multitude of choices like: music, business, events and more.

Step 2.
Step two is the design phase of your new app. You can think of it as the whiteboard stage because you can quickly experiment with new features, make changes, and preview everything as you go along. If you add something that you don’t like, it is easy to remove it and try something entirely different.

Step 3.
This is the step where all of the magic happens. In step 3 appsbar publishes your app to the iTunes or Android marketplace.

What platforms does appsbar support?
With appsbar you can quickly create your app for iPhones, iPads, or any Android powered device. This includes smart phones and tablet computers.

How much does appsbar cost?
One of the most popular reasons that most people and businesses don’t get around to creating their own apps is the cost of development, but that is where appsbar really shines. The cost to create an app with appsbar is $0.00. It is free! It costs you nada, zip, a big fat goose egg. You pay nothing, ever. There are no set-up fees and no monthly hosting fees. There are absolutely no fees associated with using appsbar, but you can’t sell your apps that you make with appsbar. It is limited to creating free apps only.

There has never been an easier more cost effective way to get your app ideas into the hands of millions of mobile device users. Appsbar makes it simple, fast and best of all, it is 100% free.

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