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December 20, 2011 admin Review

appfurnace reviewsAppFurnace is targeted at designers and web developers who want to move into app development. It has a set of powerful widgets making it easy to layout iPhone or Android app pages with customizable buttons, scrolling text, twitter feeds and high quality images. It additionally features a location tool for creating multi-media location aware apps and a Javascript interface for any bespoke requirements.

AppFurnace is free to design, test and pitch fully working apps on phones through a player utility app available for iPhone and Android. Only when your app is fully developed, tested and ready to be published will you need to pay for use of the service. The project based pricing makes it possible for agencies to pitch and secure funding from clients prior to development and allows students to experiment and test their designs.

AppFurnace will provide image anchoring and intelligently re-size designs so that the same app can look good on the different Android screens in addition to the iOS devices.

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