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April 27, 2012 admin Review reviewsAppcelerator is a huge worldwide mobile app developer and currently has over 35,000 apps available on 40 million mobile devices. The company is most famous for creating the Appcelerator Titanium platform which was originally introduced in December 2008. The platform grew in June 2009 when support for Android and iPhone based mobile apps was added. The company creates apps that can operate on a variety of systems including Mac OS X, Windows, Blackberry and the aforementioned iPhone and Android systems.

There are basically four different plans to choose from:

  • App Explore – Free
  • App Accelerate Standard
  • App Accelerate Enhanced
  • App Accelerate Premium

The other three options vary depending on your specific needs and you have to contact the company’s sales team for more information. Appcelerator also offers analytics to help you keep track of your app’s performance. App Explore offers 50,000 data points a month and is free to use. You need to pay $49 a month for an additional 250,000 data points a month and this is added to the cost of the above plans.

There are also a number of ‘add-on’ packs that can be used to improve your app. The free App Explore option gives you 5GB of storage, 1.25 million push and email a month and 250,000 Tier 1 and Tier 2 services a month. The add-ons cost as follows:

  • 20GB storage limit – $5 a month
  • 5 million API calls – $10 a month
  • 1 million Tier 1 API calls – $10 a month
  • 250,000 Tier 2 API calls – $10 a month

You can use ACS in any mobile app including Titanium, Java, PhoneGap and HTML5. Appcelerator promises its customers cloud abilities for any platform. Customers also benefit from the fact that they will be fully integrated with Titanium Studio. This means consumers are able to build their client app before connecting to the company’s cloud services with JavaScript API which is easy to use. It is also possible to create your own data within the built-in cloud services or make your own unique objects with a host of queryable data fields to choose from.

According to Appcelerator, their Titanium platform is the only mobile app platform which has been built on an open source development kit. As a result, it is easy for you to create powerful apps, connect them with any data source quickly and extend them thanks to the array of cloud services on offer. Appcelerator also enables you to connect your app to a cloud service such as photo sharing. There are more than 15 cloud services which can be integrated in seconds. All you have to do is click a mouse and it is done for you.

There is absolutely no doubt that Appcelerator delivers on its promise to help you create amazing mobile apps. Their cloud based services are top notch and the features provided are immense. It’s a shame that their prices are not readily available because you may find their packages to be beyond your budget. However, if you can afford it, Appcelerator offers a fabulous app creation opportunity.

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