Reviews of the Best App Makers

App MakerFree TrialCost / MonthReview
iBuildAppUnlimitedFreeNo startup costs. No subscription. No coding required. iBuildApp Reviews
AppMakr14 DaysFreeBrowser-based platform designed to make creating your own iPhone app quick and easy. AppMakr Reviews
Mobile App Loader10 Days$8.99No technical skills are needed. Just follow their simple app builder wizard. They will build and post your App directly to the App Store. MobileAppLoader Reviews
WixUnlimitedFreeCreate your FREE mobile site in minutes. No coding required. Instantly live on iPhones, iPads & Androids. Wix Mobile Reviews
appsbar UnlimitedFreeFree to create an App, free to Publish an App, free to access appsbar. Make both iOS and Android apps. Appsbar Reviews
Genwi30 Days$99Feed aggregating app creation tool allows you to create and manage your online identities on all popular mobile devices -- including iPad, iPhone, and Android. Genwi Reviews
SwebAppsNo$29Build an iPhone app using their advanced platform which provides a better user experience. One-time development fee of $399 required. SwebApps Reviews
AppsGeyserUnlimitedFreeFREE service that converts any web content into an Android App. Make money by showing ads in your apps. AppsGeyser Reviews
AppFurnaceUnlimitedFreeGet your own set of online tools that will inspire you to design, build, test, publish and track mobile apps yourself. AppFurnace Reviews
TiggziUnlimitedFreeCloud-based Builder for HTML5, jQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap Apps. App hosting starts at $10 per month. Tiggzi Reviews
ShoutEm30 Days$19.90Platform is powerful but fun to use. Integrates easily with Shopify and mobile advertising. ShoutEm Reviews
My App Builder30 Days$29Create and manage 2 free apps per month. My App Builder Reviews

Another option to the drag-and-drop app tools listed above is application frameworks. These offer broader functionality and greater flexibility for designing and building your app. The best app framework services are listed below.

FrameworkLowest CostReview
AppceleratorFreeWorks with more than 5000 mobile devices and operating system API's for application creation using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Appcelerator review
RhomobileVariesWrite native apps one time and them build them out for all smartphones. Also get access to cloud platform service Heroku and RhoConnect and easily synchronize data. Rhomobile review
Sencha$399Build fast and visually appealing applications that rival native apps for iPhone and Android. Platform ensures high frame rate and allows the ability to cloak web apps. Sencha review

What is an App Maker and How Do They Work?

Now that you’ve got your smart phone and loaded it with apps, you may find yourself with ideas for apps of your own.  However, traditionally creating an app requires extensive knowledge of programming languages of Objective-C, Cocoa, and Java.  For this reason,  ideas for apps were left to computer experts.  But, now there’s a new player on the scene – app makers.  Now anyone that is comfortable with drag and drop features on a computer can create their own app.

App Makers are user friendly applications that make creating an app as easy as setting up a blog.  Anyone can submit their app creation to Apple and Android stores, too.   First you must register as a developer, Google charges $25 and Apple charges $99.  Not only is Google’s fee less, they automatically approve anyone who wants to post an app as long as it doesn’t violate their guidelines.  Apple takes a more thorough review – they look at every app for style and technical issues before approval.

Ready to try your hand, or your mouse, at making an app?  Here are a few of the online app makers available to you.

AppMakr has the distinction of being a free online tool, making it the most widely used.  AppMakr is also considered one of the best programs out there.  It’s designed so that an average person can create an app in a few minutes.  Your creation is shown on the webpage exactly as it would be on a phone.  This makes previewing your app and making adjustments easy.   The one catch is that the app is for limited, noncommercial purposes.  For a fee, AppMakr provides a list of professional app makers that can help you take your app the next level if you want something more serious.

It’s a good idea to play around with AppMakr since it’s free.  Other app builders can be quite pricy.  SwebApps is very similar to AppMaker but charges $399 for set up and then a $29 monthly fee.   If you’d like to build an app on your Ipad, then Genwi is the app builder for you.  But, be ready to shell out some money.  You can try Genwi for free for 30 days, but then the price jumps to $99/month.

Another alternative is My App Builder.  This one works very differently.   For a fee ($29/month), you can submit two apps a month.  Basically, you submit your ideas to the company and they do the work of creating the app for you.   After some editing and review, My App Builder will submit your app to Apple for you.

With the growing popularity of apps and endless ideas for more, there are new app makers being released all the time.  No doubt, there will be more free tools available as well as high quality app makers offer for a fee.

Make Your Own App

The way that people get and receive information is changing everyday. Just a few years ago, computers were giant boxes that were slow and complicated. There were cords and wires everywhere. Just booting up a computer could take five or ten minutes, and opening an email might have taken up to a minute.

Look where we are today, and you will see a different story. The wires have disappeared, and now a computer easily fits right in your hand. These little computers have been renamed, and now they are being called smart phones. Everything is right there in that tiny little device. You can shop on the internet, communicate with friends, and use GPS to find and guide you. All of this can fit right in your purse or your back pocket, and there is no downtime. All of this information can be retrieved anytime and anywhere.

How does all of this information make its way to your smart phone? By the way of small programs that are called Apps, and anyone can make an app. All they have to do is use an App maker.

What Exactly is an App Maker?
There are lots of people that have great ideas for apps, and you probably have a few great ideas yourself. In the past, if you wanted to create an app, you had to know how to write code. Most apps were built using more than one computer language, and you would have to know how to read and write each language. In order to learn these languages, you would have to go to school, study really hard, and that is just the prep work. Creating the app would also take a lot of work. By the time you went through school and programmed your first app, it would be obsolete.

App maker services change all of this. With an app builder you don’t need to know any complex programing languages. You don’t need to go to school and study, all you need is the idea. An app maker makes the rest really easy. The only thing that you need to know how to do is surf the internet, and you are already doing that right now. That is all that it takes to make your great app idea a reality.

Your app might be something that becomes a valuable asset to people, or it could be a fun game. Your app could also make you some serious money. Just imagine all of the people using your app, and your bank account gets bigger and bigger while you are sleeping.

Creating an Android or iPhone app is that simple with an app builder.

How do app creators work?

You can jump right in to app building. All you need is a computer that has access to the internet. With your computer, you can quickly log in to several different app builders. Once you are logged in, you can start creating. The design interface is laid out in a simple and easy to understand way.

There is no more guess work, the app builder takes care of all of that. Just click, type, drag, drop, and you are done. App maker services also allow you to add just about any kind of media that you can think of. You can insert music, sounds, movies, pictures and more. Changing the look and feel of your app is just as easy. Just use some of the pre-made HTML code. Making the app is easy, if you can think of it, then you can create it.

Creating is just the beginning. Once your app is created, you need to get it to the world. App builders will help you do that by letting you share your app across all of the popular social networks and platforms. You can monitor all of your stats. See how many people have downloaded your app, where they are from and more. The app maker review can also suggest the best ways to monetize your app so that you can start making money.

Great apps are created everyday by people just like you. Now that you know how easy it is to create the next best app, you have nothing to lose. Create your app today with an app maker website. Read reviews of the most popular app builder services listed above.

Choosing the Best App Maker

With so many app maker and mobile website builder services on the market today, it can be difficult deciding which one to use to create your own iPhone or Android app. The best app maker service is often determined by your specific needs – will you be developing for the iPhone, Android, HTML5, iPad, or some other platform? Do you need your app to be ad-free? Perhaps you want ads included in order to generate some revenue. Also, what is your budget for app development? Start by reading the app maker reviews listed in the table above to help you choose the best app maker for your needs.

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